New artwork : BURNING SHADOWS "Truth in Legend"
Le 04/27/2017

The US based power metal band BURNING SHADOWS will release their new album "Truth in Legend" in may.
Just as the previous effort "Gather, Darkness!" (2012), jp FOURNIER made the cover artwork as well as the full CD design for the band.

More infos & orders at :

New artwork : KALEDON "Carnagus Emperor of the Darkness"
Le 03/16/2017

The mighty italian power metal band KALEDON are releasing their new album intitled "Carnagus Emperor of the Darkness"in may 2017 via Sleaszy Rider Records, Jp Fournier collaborated not only in the making of the front cover artwork, but in the whole CD/Digipack/vinyl LP designs as well. This is the second time collaboration between Jp Fournier and the band, long after "Legend Of The Forgotten Reign, Chapter VI: The Last Night On The Battlefield" in 2010.

New artwork : DANIEL TIDWELL "Versus Video Games 4"
Le 02/05/2017

Jp Fournier once again visually collaborated with US guitar virtuoso DANIEL TIDWELL for its fourth opus of the "Versus Video Games" saga.
For those who may wonder, it's of course a tribute/parody after the famous YNGWIE J. MALMSTEEN "Trilogy" album cover, in its full & uncensored video games version... :)

More infos :

Creating an illustration for GHOSTLIGHTS
Le 02/02/2017

Following the making of their band logo, JP FOURNIER lately created an illustration for GHOSTLIGHTS, the professionnal french/swiss tribute project of AVANTASIA covers.
This particular visual would certainly be used as a stage backdrop for the serie of gigs the band will give from june 2017 and beyond.

Le 02/01/2017

AND JUSTICE FOR ART, today's world leading authority toward everything that concerns heavy metal art, lately have published on its Facebook page a serie of reviews on some of the artist's latest works such as :

SUE'S IDOL "Six Sick Senses"

HÜRLEMENT "La Mort Sera Belle"


New artwork : SACRED GATE "Countdown to Armageddon"
Le 11/26/2016

Jp Fournier lately have completed a new cover artwork for the germany-based band SACRED GATE, for their new album intitled "Countdown to Armageddon", this is the second collaboration between JP and the band, after the "Tides of War" album released in 2013.

The album is to be released real soon and will be available via Metal on Metal Records.

New artwork : HÜRLEMENT "La Mort Sera Belle"
Le 11/16/2016

Jp FOURNIER lately have completed the front cover as well as the full Cd and LP design for the french metallers of HÜRLEMENT and their third effort entitled "La Mort Sera Belle", this is also the third collaboration between JP and the band.

The album, in both its CD and LP format will be available in early january 2017 through EMANES METAL RECORDS.

Le 10/06/2016

As the creator of AVANTASIA's "Metal Opera Part I & II" cover artworks, JP FOURNIER have been commissioned to work on both logo & visual to come for the french/swiss project called GHOSTLIGHTS, an ambitious and professional cover tribute band of AVANTASIA, the logo reminds, as a plain sight tribute, the logo of the very first era of the worldly acclaimed Tobias Sammet's project JP FOURNIER has been working for...

New artwork : SUE'S IDOL "Six Sick Senses"
Le 02/29/2016

Jp Fournier recently crafted the front cover as well as the full digipack design for SUE'S IDOL's second album entitled "Six Sick Senses", the yet famous anglo-american heavy metal band based on Nevada and UK, please notice the full digipack pannels are soon to be displayed in the CD LAYOUTS section of this website.

Jp Fournier also made a rendition of the band logo, which is displayed in the LOGOS section as well.

The digipack can be directly ordered via band's website :
or via CRUSHING NOTES, band's label :

New artwork : DANIEL TIDWELL "Versus Video Games 3"
Le 09/09/2015

Like the two previous efforts, Jp Fournier has once again created the front cover illustration for "Versus Video Games 3", the long running project of the guitar virtuoso Daniel Tidwell, which is about to cover famous video games anthems on guitar.
More infos :

New artwork : UNLEASH THE ARCHERS "Time Stands Still"
Le 04/05/2015

The cover artwork as well as the full Cd design of the canadian power metallers of UNLEASH THE ARCHERS has been entrusted to Jp Fournier's hands once again.
The album is entitled "Time Stands Still", no more self produced, the band lately inked a deal with austrian label Napalm Records.
The Cd should be out June the 26th 2015 in Europe.
More infos :

Le 04/05/2015

Like its 3 previous issues, Jp Fournier has designed an unpublished cover artwork for the greek traditional heavy metal fanzine STEEL FOR AN AGE.
This artwork once again combines passion that fuels Jp Fournier towards mineralogy and Heroic Fantasy in a mountain atmosphere.

The fanzine can be internationally ordered on the zine's Facebook page :

New artwork : CRYSTAL GATES "A Quest for Life"
Le 04/05/2015

Jp Fournier lately have completed the first uruguayan band CRYSTAL GATES' album cover artwork intitled "A Quest for Life".
The 6 tracks effort was mixed by Mika Jussila at the famous Finnvox Studios.

More infos on the band's website :

Le 04/04/2015

The full Cd design layout for ODIN'S COURT's "Turtles All The Way Down" is now available for preview in the CD LAYOUT section of this website.

New artwork unveiled : ODIN'S COURT "Turtles All The Way Down"
Le 01/06/2015

On march the 3rd 2015,the USA based progressive rock and metal band ODIN'S COURT will release its fifth full length album entitled "Turtles All The Way Down".
Jp Fournier may have designed the full CD artwork of this new effort which is a concept album.
This album deals with ideas and questions relating to the entire universe - how did it start, where is it going, what makes it tick, what is its purpose, etc. - from the point of view of the individual's mind.
More infos can be found here :

HEAVYLAW Version 4
Le 11/29/2014

The brand new version of the french HEAVYLAW webzine (4.0) is now online.
JP FOURNIER created a new logo, a new banner and a new webdesign for that purpose.

Unleash The Archers : NEW LOGO VERSION
Le 11/29/2014

A new "flaming" version of the UNLEASH THE ARCHERS logo (bombastic heavy/power metal - Canada) have been created by Jp FOURNIER, asked by the band and preparatory for a possible new album.

Illustrated book : METAL & FANTASY Volume 1
Le 09/14/2014

Illustrated by Jp FOURNIER, «Metal & Fantasy» volume 1 is finally available in french libraries or to be ordered online at the Camion Blanc publishing webstore.
Frantz E. Petiteau is quite renowned for his related books about the pyreneans mountains, legends and customs, he now proposes a book relating to another of his great passion : heavy metal music and heroic fantasy style.
This first effort constitutes the first dedicated volume about the relationships of heavy metal music and sword & sorcery eversince the seventies.
Frantz E. Petiteau invites the reader to discover his intense researches on the subject, as well as to discover his interviews with many authors, writers, illustrators and metal bands and to share a passion that will make you see heavy metal music from another point of view.

New artwork unveiled : ETERNAL WINTER "Within the Castle Shadowgate"
Le 09/13/2014

The long awaited first full length album by the american power metal band Eternal Winter, "Within the Castle Shadowgate" is finally available now through Majestic Metal Records.
Jp Fournier have released the front cover artwork.
More infos at :

New artwork unveiled : DEAFENING SILENCE "Scapegoat of Ignorance"
Le 03/14/2014

Jp Fournier has lately crafted the french power metal heads' third effort cover artwork of DEAFENING SILENCE.
Intitled "Scapegoat of Ignorance", the main thematic of the album is dedicated toward to respect the memory of the french soldiers been shot "as for the example" by their headquarters during the first world war conflict.

The Cd is available trough french label and distributor Brennus Music :

New artwork released : GOTLAND "Gloria et Morte"
Le 01/29/2014

GOTLAND (pagan folk metal from Italy) will unleash its first full length album entitled "Gloria et Morte" due in mid February, JP Fournier have crafted the front cover artwork for this release.

More infos :

New artwork unveiled : SAVAGE WIZDOM "A new beginning"
Le 12/22/2013

The american power metal band SAVAGE WIZDOM has finally unveiled the cover artwork for its upcoming CD "A new beginning".
Handcrafted by Jp Fournier during the year 2013, he also realised the entire Cd layout & design, the album which will be selfproduced by the band will hopefully hit the stores within the first quarter of 2014.
SAVAGE WIZDOM, hailing from New Mexico, delivers a ravaging power metal in the pure US tradition.

Website online
Le 08/05/2013

After a long period of wait, the french illustrator's official website Jp Fournier is finally online.

Browsing this website you'll find everything that make the richessness of Jp's work in its different fields such as Cd or vinyl LP cover artworks, Cd designs and layouts, logos creation, book covers, webdesign...

I especially direct my warmest thanks to Rémi G. and Nico T. of Metal Integral without whom this would never have happened thanks to their dedication and patience that ended up to a website I can be extremely proud of.

Please feel free to leave any comment, request, critical, encouragements on the guestbook part of this website. will be regularly updated, following as close as possible Jp's topicality